Month: September 2017

Group Metro owes us real estate or principle and interest! Investors beware.

Group Metro  made a half-hearted attempt to pay us after fighting our two different Dominican Republic Law firms.  We couldn’t find anything that wasn’t corrupted. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN WE HAVE STOPPED FIGHTING! By April 27, 2012  we had finally negotiated a rescission agreement with Group Metro for $708,847.  They presented the figure, which we

The FAILED & FRAUDULENT dream of Costa Blanca

They may have started out honest but they are anything but. The development was to include an 18-hole Greg Norman golf course and a Chris Evert-Lloyd tennis center.  The 1,852 residential units were to include 1,800 condominium apartments with up to 270ᵒ views, 52 Founders Villas, a golf club, beach club, marina and supporting retail